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RF Link Transmitter - 315MHz


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RF Link Transmitter - 315MHz

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    Description: This is only the 315MHz transmitter. This will work with the RF Links at 315MHz at either baud rate. Only one 315MHz transmitter will work within the same location.

    This wireless data is the easiest to use, lowest cost RF link we have ever seen! Use these components to transmit position data, temperature data, even current program register values wirelessly to the receiver. These modules have up to 500 ft range in open space. The transmitter operates from 2-12V. The higher the Voltage, the greater the range - see range test data in the documents section.

    We have used these modules extensively and have been very impressed with their ease of use and direct interface to an MCU. The theory of operation is very simple. What the transmitter 'sees' on its data pin is what the receiver outputs on its data pin. If you can configure the UART module on a PIC, you have an instant wireless data connection. The typical range is 500ft for open area.
    This is an ASK transmitter module with an output of up to 8mW depending on power supply voltage. The transmitter is based on SAW resonator and accepts digital inputs, can operate from 2 to 12 Volts-DC, and makes building RF enabled products very easy.


    • 315  MHz Transmitter Operation
    • 500 Ft. Range - Dependent on Transmitter Power Supply
    • 2400 or 4800bps transfer rate
    • Low cost
    • Extremely small and light weight


    Supported Antennae: 30-35cm of wire


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RF Link Transmitter - 315MHz

RF Link Transmitter - 315MHz

RF Link Transmitter - 315MHz

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