ArduPilot Shield v2 (No 3.3V Regulator & Sensor)

ArduPilot Shield v2 (No 3.3V Regulator & Sensor)

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Ardupilot Shield V2 Economic version (with no 3.3V Power regulator) ideal for those who use EM-406 and uBlox's + Adapters. Includes Headers and the connector for AttoPilot/FMA sensors. If you already have the old shield (v 2) you can recycle your expensive pressure sensor. Weight: 0.2 oz; 5 g Features Compact design that matches ArduPilot board. Optional on-board differential pressure sensor (MPXV5004DP) for airspeed measurement. Voltage divider to measure battery level (Up to 4 cell LIPO's). Dedicated port for infrared sensors. Serial port Multiplexor--eliminates need to unplug GPS when uploading new code or writing to ArduPilot with the FTDI cable. Supports EM-406 and uBlox+Apdater GPS. Mirrored Status LED's for Power, Status and GPS Lock.


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